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Professional Fixer in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Fixers arranges everything you may need for your film production or news story. Explore the untamed landscape of the Sundarbans by boat or find yourself in the unrelenting throng of people in Dhaka. Bangladesh remains a complicated place to navigate and you will be happy to have a local expert guide you through all the intricacies. Filming in Bangladesh is much simpler with our experienced location scout and production crew. Get the shots that the world deserves to see. Meet the Bangladeshi voices that the news deserves to hear. With our full production assistance, you can tell truly gripping stories.

Liaise with our journalist fixer to cover the Rohingya crisis. Learn about the close connections between international fashion brands and Bangladeshi garment workers. See another side of the predominantly Muslim country in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

This area nestled between India and Myanmar is home to over 10 indigenous tribal groups and the country’s largest concentration of Buddhists. Working with Bangladesh Fixers lets you focus on being creative. Our local production team arranges for all the logistical basics such as a film permit, equipment rental, and production assistance. We also know how to capture that magical dewy shot of the Srimangal tea hills or sunrise over Somapuri Vihara.

Bangladesh is a delta of discoveries waiting for you to document. You can trust that our on-the-ground fixers offer you production support and help you with each step along the way. 

The Benefits of Working with Bangladesh Fixers

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Bangladesh Fixers delivers all the production assistance services that you need to execute your vision. From pre-production research to on-site crew for hire and even the best local haunt for a well-deserved drink – we offer a complete service.

As a foreign film crew filming in Bangladesh, you may not know how to get the best work done within your budget. Bangladesh Fixers does. When you work with our film fixer in Bangladesh you benefit from local deals. This includes gear rental deals, an experienced production crew, and transportation and accommodation that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Bangladesh Fixers has access to top-notch local contributors. Our international network of producers and journalists is ready to help you with fact-checking and preliminary research in case you cover neighbouring countries too.

If you fear the mountain of bureaucracy and things getting lost in translation, call us. Filming in Bangladesh can be an amazing experience if you have the local know-how. Dive deeper into the culture with a fixer that takes you beyond the tourist traps. Get to the true source of a story and capture the real essence of Bangladesh.

Having a film fixer in Bangladesh is an invaluable asset for your production. Whether you are seeking breathtaking scenes for commercial productions or insightful interviews, our team knows where to find them. We carefully select the creatives that contribute to our services so that you are met with full professionalism. We want you to return home with complete satisfaction of your time in Bangladesh.


Filming in Bangladesh with Us

Enlisting the support of Bangladesh Fixers sets you up for a better experience. Our production assistance takes care of both the big things and the small details. We will handle the film permits, local requirements, and equipment rental. Our fixers arrange for translation, transportation, and accommodation. However long your list is, we’ll go above and beyond to make it happen. See the country through the lens of someone that understands its multiple facets.

Did you know that adults rarely smile because it is culturally considered childish? Or that there are 6 distinct weather seasons that will undoubtedly affect your imagery? Bangladesh Fixers solves your production problems before you even foresee them.

When filming in Bangladesh with us, you will witness the sights that translate best on-screen. Whether you are creating a commercial, documentary, or an immersive cinematic piece, our location manager knows where to take you. We help you capture the rush of Dhaka or the tranquility of the world’s longest beach. We immerse you in the passion for cricket. We showcase the exciting tech solutions that Bangladeshi youth are developing. There are many stories to tell.

Before you pack your bags and head for Bangladesh, contact us for film production support. We are happy to share our portfolio because we are confident in our work. We do our best to provide you with all the tools necessary to see your vision come to life.

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