Filming in Bangladesh

Filming in Bangladesh is an adventure that can go either way. By hiring Bangladesh Fixers, you are giving yourself the guarantee that it’s the good kind of adventure. Let go of the logistics and focus on creativity. Our production fixer in Bangladesh ensures that the entire trip and film production is taken care of from A-to-Z. Starting with visas, film permits, and equipment rental to unique film locations and hidden treasures. We are at your side from the initial planning and research stage to the last image you capture before the flight back home.

Production Assistance and Access for Filming in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Fixers location manager is ready to take you to the best sites in Bangladesh. With our full production assistance, you can capture this delta nation’s true spirit and essence. 

Discover Khulna, a fabled city of poets and temples. Reach greater heights in Sylhet, a lush green region known for its many tea plantations and rainforests. Follow the flow of the Padma and Jamuna rivers which connects Bangladesh to the Ganges and Brahmaputra. Filming in Bangladesh takes you through many different landscapes, each a unique backdrop for your production.

Besides picking out the best locations for filming, Bangladesh Fixers also provides complete production assistance. Our full-service offer includes all the tasks that have to get done but you don’t want to handle yourself. Our local fixers handle the coordination, transportation, accommodation, and all the other actions that come with overseas film production.

You are in good hands when filming in Bangladesh with us. You can expect invaluable local knowledge, a problem-solving attitude, and a perfectly professional production crew. With our guidance, no monsoon could wipe away your film production plans in Bangladesh.

Filming in Bangladesh

Getting Film Permits in Bangladesh

Like most countries, you need film permits to make your production happen in Bangladesh. We won’t try to tell you otherwise, getting approvals in the country involves a lot of bureaucracy. Fortunately, our fixers know how to deal with it all.

Filming in Bangladesh requires a detailed itinerary with all the locations, crew, and talent booked before applying for the permits. Meaning that there is a considerable amount of scouting and research that needs to be done beforehand. This is where the extensive network of Bangladesh Fixers comes in. 

You can rely on our trustworthy experienced production assistants, journalist contributors, and scouts. Our local team will compile all the information and paperwork necessary to apply for the permits. Meanwhile, you save the cost of extra international excursions.

The actual film permits application process can take up several weeks. It can take longer depending on the complexity of the location, topic, and political climate in Bangladesh. Each day a crew’s work is halted takes away from the budget so getting the paperwork right is essential. By working with us you can trust that everything is handled on the Bangladesh side long before you board the flight.

Filming in Bangladesh

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives for Filming in Bangladesh

At the time being, there aren’t tax incentives for filming in Bangladesh. However, our team at Bangladesh Fixers can negotiate the best deals for you. Whether we are talking about accommodation, local crew or equipment rental, you can be sure that with us you are getting your money’s worth.

When it comes to visas and entering the country, you should know that entry is subject to regulations from the country of origin. You will need to apply for a visa three weeks before your departure. Some countries are also eligible for tourist visas on arrival. If you want more specific details, get in touch with us and let us know when you plan on filming in Bangladesh. 

filming in Bangladesh